Sunday, 28 October 2007

Every day is like Sunday.

Sod it, let's keep it simple. It's not as if there's a rulebook on how to start your first blog. If there is, then nuts to it anyway. It's probably a load of geek-pretentious old twaddle.

The weather.


Come on, fair's fair. You have to agree. A thoroughly moist summer followed by an nice autum is always a bit rubbish, especially when that autumn gets even nicer briefly when my mate from the OC flies back home after 6 months having missed a scorher. Of course, it's still a scorcher there, albeit a life-threatening one, but not in her region, thank the Lord.

But does it continue over here? nuh-uh. You can blame me for that as I have been off work. Halfway through a fortnight off, a fortnight where I should have been joining our Californian cousins were it not for the announcement that we have to shift out of our digs in a month. Four times in as many years, and still that elusive mortgage gets pulled further from my grasp. Pah. Keep your middle-class stability, thank you very much. "prayforacrashprayforacrash..."

So no work again this week, but trying to divide my time between having a clear out and getting some illustration done. The first week was a bit useless in those terms. Plenty of sleep though. Sleep is good.

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